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Happiness and Well Being

Happiness and Well Being

Just thought of sharing a small piece of information with you. On 2nd April, 2012 United Nation convened a High Level meeting at it’s HQ New york which was attended by 700 enthusiast participants from all over the world including many high-level government officials, representatives for all United Nations Member States, leading economists, scientists, spiritual and faith leaders, scholars, civil society experts, business leaders, and media. The agenda of the meeting was strange just like the variety of audience.

Agenda was “Happiness and Well Being: Defining a New Economic Paradigm”
Why strange, because in the race of being economic power, how all these nations were coming together with scientists and spiritual leaders to discuss about something which is actually at the core of every human aspiration. This definitely created curiosity and hope for the world.

As a result of these efforts, United Nation published the first Global Happiness Report in same year 2012 at Rome. There were 156 countries participated in this survey and of course India was also part of this.

India ranked 111 in this list (which has further dropped to 118 in 2016), which was way below our neighboring countries China (83) Pakistan (92) or Bangladesh (110). For most of the people, it was just a news (or for many it was not even a news) but for us it was a shock.

India, a land of celebrations, where 150 days in a year are packed with festivals, a country where family bonding is strongest, world’s oldest culture and youngest country ranked at the lowest pyramid. How can that be and what can we do?
(source: The Hindu 17th March, 2016)

This inspired us to take our first step and thus, Happiitude was born. We collaborated with Berkeley Method of Well Being, California to systematically enhance happiness index using scientific tools of happiness. 

Last 3 years journey has been very rewarding. Happiitude has touched thousands of lives through Science of Happiness audits, school curriculums, board games, workshops and many other tools to enhance happiness Index of Individuals, schools, corporates and government agencies as well.

One of the most the important accomplishments of Happiness movement is that UAE government has announced a Happiness ministry and soon after, M.P. Government has also started a Happiness department aimed at enhancing overall happiness of people in state of M.P.

Someone said "People do not care how much you know, they just want to know how much you care".

What started as an idea is turning into a strong movement that by the time India enters 2020, it would be below 100 on the Global Happiness index. It's quite evident when people attending happiness workshops or using tools given by Happiitude tell their tales in the videos below:

After spreading it's wings in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, Happiitude is looking to spring up at other cities.

This is an opportunity for those who want to enhance their own happiness or who want to join us in this amazing journey to enhance Happiness of others.

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It’s my Trump Card

It’s my Trump Card

My Trump Cards:
  • I was stuck in traffic
  • My family don’t support me
  • I want to do it but not this time
  • I will do this once I have money
  • It’s not my kind of thing                                                                       list goes on and on….

A papplu or trump card is my very “GENUINE” reason for not doing something. 
It is so very genuine that I have started believing it to be real but somewhere deep down, I know whenever I use trump card, I feel disempowered. Although it seems to work in every situation but some how it limits my growth in many other areas of life.  And you know what, I don’t have just one but many. In fact last time I counted; it was around 167. How about you?

What’s your trump card for not being Happy?

With Love,

One of you (Who…How does that matter?)