Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Happy Talks - Let's question

Happy Talks -
Let’s Question everything we know

That seems surprising! Isn’t it?

Why question what we already know?

We are not trained to do this because even in exams, more we knew more marks we got. At job or work, we got initial success because of the things we knew. Then why question it?

This is what people say, when they first come to know about Happy Talks. These are very appropriate questions. But by asking this question, people shift from “I know zone” to “I don’t know zone” because when I don’t know, I ask questions.

Happy Talks are informal talk sessions for all kind of audiences created to make people question their limited ideas, beliefs and philosophies around life.

The idea behind happy talks is that it's always better to look within to question our own limitations rather than settling for senseless conclusions about people and circumstances around us. When we look deeply, we realize that “I know” is nothing but a conclusion about something. When we conclude, our intellect freezes and stops to work further in that area.

 Why we love “I Know”

“I Know” leads to confidence and of course that is the major ingredient of success. Lot of people wants their children to be confident. So does an employer who is looking to hire someone for sales profile.

 But what we forget most of the time is that confidence without clarity is a disaster. A person who is extremely confident but has no clarity can go and blow up the whole world in order to look confident or at least blow up his/her own life or lives of people around.

So does that mean confidence is not good? Of course not! That leads to another question why look at good or bad of everything, why not look at workability of things? Does this work all the time?

Happy Talks - Let’s question is a series of talks designed to question our beliefs, which limit our performance in many areas of life, but we are not aware of this. Once we reach at the core, we clearly see cyclical patterns of life and we get the power to break those patterns and move forward in life.

This is like you realize that how you were actually running on the treadmill and waiting to reach somewhere. Suddenly, you get the power to stop the treadmill and get down.

This 2-hours fun filled, interactive and thought provoking session on variety of topics are more like a wake up call which gives a clear understanding that how happiness is not just about laughing, smiling and having positive emotions all the time. Happiness is way beyond that and becoming bigger than life challenges is definitely one of them.

Our Speakers have inspired thousands of people on how to maximize the current individual and business potential using principles of happiness. It is a great opportunity for you to bring a profound shift in the way we work, think and live?

Happy Talks can be your first step to enhance overall Happiness of your happiness.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Miracle happens

Miracle happens

For most of us, it is very easy to accept or reject this tool or value “Miracle Happens” because of our own beliefs but can we study this without any liking or disliking, acceptance or non acceptance about this (those who can’t please check value “how I do one thing, I do everything”).
Let us see what is the dictionary definition of word “Miracle”

“an unusual and mysterious event that is thought to have been caused by a god because it does not follow the usual laws of nature


an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency.”

In both the definitions, it is something, which is beyond the natural logic or understanding of human being, so it is attributed to some one sitting up there. We don’t know he (or she) is sitting up or down but since we value word “Up” more than the word “Down”, it’s nice to say sitting up.
If it is really beyond understanding then concept of “someone there” is also a mystery. Let us see imagine how our cavemen ancestor’s came up with this concept.
Initially, it was daily life was just a fight for survival. At this stage, we as cavemen knew for sure that we did not create anything that is already there. So who created this? May be, there is someone who is more powerful and bigger than me who has done this but who cares? I need to fill my stomach and save my life from animals.
Slowly, we shifted to upper scale of social structure and moved into tribes, communities and this lead to systematic formation of religion. Since with this system, our survival was taken care and so “creator” started having good time. People started acknowledging him, praying him and asking for wishes.
This is our personal choice whether to believe or not to believe in this but one thing we cannot deny that there are so many things in this universe that we don’t really understand. People can fly would seem like a miracle to people who were born around a century ago and happened to visit this planet again.
So, can we say that something, which, we don’t understand is beyond our current level of logic and understanding but that, does not necessarily mean that does not exist? We also have lot of experiences of things in life which just happened to us out of no where as if it was a miracle.
When we apply our another value “How I do one thing, I do everything”, everything seem like falling in place like a miracle. So let’s celebrate everything that we don’t understand and say loudly “Miracle Happens”


Monday, 28 November 2016

How I do one thing, I do everything

How I do one thing, I do everything

This tool sounds very simple as a concept but this is completely opposite to what we actually do in our daily lives. We also call this as a million dollar secret tool and you will soon discover it why?
These tools are not from the books but straight from the experience of life. There are many who have used these tools in their life; their life is not the same again. In fact, this so simple sounding stuff works wonder for those who are somehow stuck in the cyclical loop or treadmill of life. Be it job performance, business outcome or relationship issues, if you are one of those who are somehow get stuck in the same loop, forget about law of attraction for a while and apply this. You will break the pattern and move to a new realm of possibilities.
Now days, everywhere we go we meet people talking about passion, interest and potential. We also meet people who quit their jobs, business or even relationships because they were not passionate about it or interested in that kind of work, relationship or they believed it was not appropriate as per their potential.
Dictionary meaning of passion is strong and barely controllable emotion” and so every one is looking for some project, task or work where they can have strong feelings toward it but isn’t it true that emotions are created by us as human beings and it keeps on changing as we keep growing?
For example: As a kid, I was very passionate about collecting marbles, wwf cards and news article related to cricket. Today, My son is passionate about reading about cricket and collecting cricket cards. But now, I find it nonsense because I think how can some one be so stupid to collect these cards and stuff.
So if we look back every 3-5 years of our life we will notice that our passion is not constant. It’s changing as we are growing (if we are growing). Growing not just in terms of height, weight or age but also as a human being.
So question to ponder is things that I think I will be (am) passionate about today may change tomorrow when I grow. So what’s the point of quitting my job, relationship or business to pursue something I am passionate about?
Now that will be very stupid of me to assume or say that don’t be passionate about anything in life or just die in your current job or relationship. I am talking about growth and how can growth happen without being passionate. Now that’s what we call a paradox (in little crass way, it’s called confusion). Rather than living with nonsense conclusions, it’s better to live with confusion because when confusion arises seeking begins.

So problem is not that we are passionate but real problem is that we are about passionate about “something”. This something is “
  •        never fixed,
  •        always a mystery,
  •        dependent on many outer circumstances
  •        we don’t know when we arrive at this

Since it’s a mystery and we don’t know when we arrive at this, so we can safely say there is a possibility (no matter how slightest but there is) that whatever we have, wherever we are or whoever we are, is actually what we are seeking for?
So why not be passionate about “everything” and not just about “something”. It can be easily done only if we don’t let our emotions drive us. We get driven by the workability and not by emotions. I will look at the workability of things and not my liking and disliking.
In the beginning I said, we call it as a million dollar secret. Now is the time to reveal the secret. Here, I have small personal story to share.
Few years’ back, I was “trying” to set personal SMR (specific measurable results) or goals but every time I set a goal, things start to move but never reached that golden figure in mind (and in many people’s mind)  “1 Million Dollar”. But when I applied this tool “how I do one thing, I do everything”, things magically started to fall in place (you can also check our another value “Miracle Happens).
Earlier, I was waiting for that million dollar deal, so I was giving more attention and time (or so I thought) to bigger projects, clients and deals but guess what, it did not happen again.
So with this tool (value), I realized how I do one thing, I do everything.
If I was not giving my full attention to so-called small things, small work or even small clients, I was not giving full attention to anything. Whether it is having a discussion with a million dollar client or cleaning the floor of my office.
It was same way I was listening to my client’s requirements and my wife’s complaints about me not picking up my stuff.
I was same everywhere and although, I thought otherwise.

From that day onwards, I started giving my full involvement and attention to everything as if I was getting million dollar for that. Now everything is a million dollar assignment and I am now very near to the golden figure. So many awesome things are happening like never before and this lead us to our next value “Miracle Happens”.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Happiness and Well Being

Happiness and Well Being

Just thought of sharing a small piece of information with you. On 2nd April, 2012 United Nation convened a High Level meeting at it’s HQ New york which was attended by 700 enthusiast participants from all over the world including many high-level government officials, representatives for all United Nations Member States, leading economists, scientists, spiritual and faith leaders, scholars, civil society experts, business leaders, and media. The agenda of the meeting was strange just like the variety of audience.

Agenda was “Happiness and Well Being: Defining a New Economic Paradigm”
Why strange, because in the race of being economic power, how all these nations were coming together with scientists and spiritual leaders to discuss about something which is actually at the core of every human aspiration. This definitely created curiosity and hope for the world.

As a result of these efforts, United Nation published the first Global Happiness Report in same year 2012 at Rome. There were 156 countries participated in this survey and of course India was also part of this.

India ranked 111 in this list (which has further dropped to 118 in 2016), which was way below our neighboring countries China (83) Pakistan (92) or Bangladesh (110). For most of the people, it was just a news (or for many it was not even a news) but for us it was a shock.

India, a land of celebrations, where 150 days in a year are packed with festivals, a country where family bonding is strongest, world’s oldest culture and youngest country ranked at the lowest pyramid. How can that be and what can we do?
(source: The Hindu 17th March, 2016)

This inspired us to take our first step and thus, Happiitude was born. We collaborated with Berkeley Method of Well Being, California to systematically enhance happiness index using scientific tools of happiness. 

Last 3 years journey has been very rewarding. Happiitude has touched thousands of lives through Science of Happiness audits, school curriculums, board games, workshops and many other tools to enhance happiness Index of Individuals, schools, corporates and government agencies as well.

One of the most the important accomplishments of Happiness movement is that UAE government has announced a Happiness ministry and soon after, M.P. Government has also started a Happiness department aimed at enhancing overall happiness of people in state of M.P.

Someone said "People do not care how much you know, they just want to know how much you care".

What started as an idea is turning into a strong movement that by the time India enters 2020, it would be below 100 on the Global Happiness index. It's quite evident when people attending happiness workshops or using tools given by Happiitude tell their tales in the videos below:

After spreading it's wings in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, Happiitude is looking to spring up at other cities.

This is an opportunity for those who want to enhance their own happiness or who want to join us in this amazing journey to enhance Happiness of others.

In case you find this interesting, please feel free to share this with others.


It’s my Trump Card

It’s my Trump Card

My Trump Cards:
  • I was stuck in traffic
  • My family don’t support me
  • I want to do it but not this time
  • I will do this once I have money
  • It’s not my kind of thing                                                                       list goes on and on….

A papplu or trump card is my very “GENUINE” reason for not doing something. 
It is so very genuine that I have started believing it to be real but somewhere deep down, I know whenever I use trump card, I feel disempowered. Although it seems to work in every situation but some how it limits my growth in many other areas of life.  And you know what, I don’t have just one but many. In fact last time I counted; it was around 167. How about you?

What’s your trump card for not being Happy?

With Love,

One of you (Who…How does that matter?)

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Why Happiness Practitioner workshop?

Why Happiness Practitioner workshop?

If one is capable of creating Anger, Stress and depression, one should also be capable of creating happiness.

Why is it that only unwanted things are happening at your choice but most wanted things are not happening?

If things were really happening the way you want it, you would definitely choose Happiness but it is not happening. Fortunately, after decades of research, science has now discovered the secret elements of happiness.

In 2 days of experiential Happiness workshop, participants get a choice to create their own Happiness. In this workshop, there are 4 main things that happen:

1. Live from the Growth Zone: In paradox of happiness, there are 4 different zones.
·      First zone is Survival Zone. Most of the people live in this particular zone. In this zone, there are few positive experiences or emotions on day-to-day basis and there is no big future vision as well. Many people in this zone have a glorious past and they start living on the glory of their past and stop accepting the now or looking forward to the future. For example, mid age government officer, mediocre student in class, unpopular kid in the neighborhood etc.
·      Second zone is Avoidance Zone, where one experience lot of positive emotions (mostly derived from instant pleasures) on daily basis but there is no future vision. For example, extrovert college students, high earning youngsters with no responsibility, people who are into drugs, alcohol or smoking etc.
·      Third zone is Anxiety Zone, where one has big future plans but hardly any positive emotions and experiences on daily basis. Many people keep juggling between Avoidance and Anxiety. Whenever people in avoidance get lot of responsibilities, they shift to anxiety zone and once it is over, they go back to avoidance zone. For example, someone with big and overwhelming goals etc.
·      Fourth zone is Growth Zone, where one has complete acceptance of the NOW and big future vision as well. So happiness is independent of the goals. 97% of the people hardly experience this zone because they are either in the glory of the past or in the hope of the future. In this process, they miss the now which is the present moment. This is where the real success happens.

 2.    Dealing with “Negative”:

People are hoping to get in to growth zone using positive thinking but this is taking people to the avoidance zone.

Do you really know what is positive and negative? Please pick up positive and negative words from the list below:

1. Anger          &         Bliss
2. Up               &         Down
3. Life              &         Death

If you are authentic enough, you have surely chosen death as negative and life as positive but positive thinkers know that they should think and choose positive (which also means ignore negative), does that mean death will ignore you?

You may choose to ignore negative but does that mean that negative will also ignore you? 

So why positive thinking books, workshops and seminars are training people to look at only the positive side and indirectly training them to ignore the negative? This is becoming major reason of unhappiness in the followers of positive thinking movement. In a recent study, most of the people attending positive thinking seminars or reading positive thinking self help books were found to be extremely unhappy after few weeks of the workshop. Many of them started to avoid so called negative thinking and felt guilty when they could focus their mind on “positive thinking”.

The irony is people don’t even know what is positive and what is negative because they never have the complete picture. Each one of us has an experience in life where something, which looks very positive, turns out to be the most negative experience of life and vice versa.

Happiness Practitioner is the only place where one learns to deal with negatives rather than avoiding it. This develops an ability and courage to deal with every negative situation in life like failures, emotional trash, and negative emotion handling etc using scientific tools. 

  3.    Living Consciously rather than unconsciously: 
Most of the people are living unconscious life. They are constantly struggling to live more unconsciously by forming more habits, training their subconscious minds and by getting involved in excessive eating, drinking and smoking.  Living an unconscious life is the lowest form of human life. Today, modern science has lot of evidence that living with awareness enhance our overall wellbeing and health. This workshop is designed in a way that one effortlessly moves to higher level of awareness using scientific tools and techniques. 

  4.    Discovering One’s Orbit of Life

Our whole life revolves around set of beliefs that were unconsciously set when we were growing up. When we start living with awareness, many of such beliefs become clear to us. Although, it is very difficult to be aware of all of our beliefs and not required as well because there is one major beliefs which drives majority of decisions in our life. Be it our goals, our preferences, the way we dress, the kind of friends we have and most of our liking and disliking are independent on this particular belief. This is called Orbit of Life. Once it is discovered, every disempowering beliefs collapse and we get an opportunity to create a new life.

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