Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Happy Talks - Let's question

Happy Talks -
Let’s Question everything we know

That seems surprising! Isn’t it?

Why question what we already know?

We are not trained to do this because even in exams, more we knew more marks we got. At job or work, we got initial success because of the things we knew. Then why question it?

This is what people say, when they first come to know about Happy Talks. These are very appropriate questions. But by asking this question, people shift from “I know zone” to “I don’t know zone” because when I don’t know, I ask questions.

Happy Talks are informal talk sessions for all kind of audiences created to make people question their limited ideas, beliefs and philosophies around life.

The idea behind happy talks is that it's always better to look within to question our own limitations rather than settling for senseless conclusions about people and circumstances around us. When we look deeply, we realize that “I know” is nothing but a conclusion about something. When we conclude, our intellect freezes and stops to work further in that area.

 Why we love “I Know”

“I Know” leads to confidence and of course that is the major ingredient of success. Lot of people wants their children to be confident. So does an employer who is looking to hire someone for sales profile.

 But what we forget most of the time is that confidence without clarity is a disaster. A person who is extremely confident but has no clarity can go and blow up the whole world in order to look confident or at least blow up his/her own life or lives of people around.

So does that mean confidence is not good? Of course not! That leads to another question why look at good or bad of everything, why not look at workability of things? Does this work all the time?

Happy Talks - Let’s question is a series of talks designed to question our beliefs, which limit our performance in many areas of life, but we are not aware of this. Once we reach at the core, we clearly see cyclical patterns of life and we get the power to break those patterns and move forward in life.

This is like you realize that how you were actually running on the treadmill and waiting to reach somewhere. Suddenly, you get the power to stop the treadmill and get down.

This 2-hours fun filled, interactive and thought provoking session on variety of topics are more like a wake up call which gives a clear understanding that how happiness is not just about laughing, smiling and having positive emotions all the time. Happiness is way beyond that and becoming bigger than life challenges is definitely one of them.

Our Speakers have inspired thousands of people on how to maximize the current individual and business potential using principles of happiness. It is a great opportunity for you to bring a profound shift in the way we work, think and live?

Happy Talks can be your first step to enhance overall Happiness of your happiness.

Join our Happy Talk Session!

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