Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Why we need to learn “Happiness”

Why we need to learn “Happiness”

When we utter the word Happiness, everyone think of it as a state of mind, feeling or an emotion derived from some outside experience but when asked where is happiness, every one points inside. Thanks to Self-help books, people know happiness is an inside job but still everyone is endlessly looking for it outside. So instead of happiness, this basic conflict is causing more confusion and thus more unhappiness in everyone’s life.

If we simply look at happiness, it means that when things happen as one expects or better than expected, one feels happy. The problem is that most of our expectations are unconsciously set and we are not even aware of it. So meeting such expectations all the time is out of question.
The only thing that is in our control is our ability to handle our own self. What we call as self is nothing but set of expectations, beliefs and values that are not even created by us, so we are not even aware of most of these but this is what that is driving our life.

So people have no choice to create their own happiness. Due to this, most of the people today are easily angry, frustrated or irritated. They are constantly under stress and anxiety that is leading to lot of health problems like Blood pressure, cardiac problems, diabetes and all other kind of lifestyle dis-eases.
There is lot of medical evidence to prove that when one is under constant fight or flight state. Due to this, blood start flowing toward arms and legs, so vital organs don’t get enough blood supply that causes all health related problems. This fight and flight is not because of some real external threat but small events of day-to-day life. For example, getting late for work, traffic, being impatient while waiting for elevator etc.

Earlier, this aspect of lives was taken care by religion but it is not happening with the current generations. In fact current generations are the most comfortable and technologically advanced so far but are they the happier ones?

Happiness Practitioner workshop is a 2 days experiential workshop on Science of Happiness which looks at this in a very scientific yet very experiential way. Science and Happiness seems like 2 words from different dimensions, one representing mind and other heart. One represents logic and other emotion; one is based on evidence and other on experience. So Science of Happiness is best of both the worlds.

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