Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Are you still hoping to live life with positive thinking?

Are you still hoping to live life using positive thinking?

Let us see what is positive thinking?

Do you really know what is positive and negative? Please pick up positive and negative words from the list below:

1. Anger          &         Bliss
2. Up               &         Down
3. Life              &         Death

If you are authentic enough, you have surely chosen death as negative and life as positive but positive thinkers know that they should think and choose positive (which also means ignore negative), does that mean death will ignore you?
You may choose to ignore negative but does that mean that negative will also ignore you? 

So why positive thinking books, workshops and seminars are training people to look at only the positive side and indirectly training them to ignore the negative? This is becoming major reason of unhappiness in the followers of positive thinking movement. In a recent study, most of the people attending positive thinking seminars or reading positive thinking self help books were found to be extremely unhappy after few weeks of the workshop. Many of them started to avoid so called negative thinking and felt guilty when they could focus their mind on “positive thinking”.

The irony is people don’t even know what is positive and what is negative because they never have the complete picture. Each one of us has an experience in life where something, which looks very positive, turns out to be the most negative experience of life and vice versa.

I attended a 2 days workshop last weekend called Happiness Practitioner Workshop. It was an eye opener for a positive thinker like me. The best thing I found out in this workshop is that they train people to deal with the so-called negative things. It is very confronting workshop but designed in an experiential and activity based way. They don’t give solution but give us tools to deal with the trash inside us. It gives us the ability and courage to deal with every negative situation in life like failures, emotional trash, and negative emotion handling etc using scientific tools. 

I have never felt so light and empowered in my whole life. I realized how I was living in an avoidance or survival zone my whole life, waiting for things to happen. When things were not happening the way I wanted, I was looking for everyone and any one to blame. Looking back now, it seems I never wanted to get out of these zone. I was so very comfortable in that but Thank God, I attended this workshop. I realized what it means to be in a growth zone and take responsibility of my life. Now, no more running away or avoiding things, TIME IS NOW! LIFE IS NOW! HAPPINESS IS NOW!

Something very beautiful that I learnt there, I want to share:

If you want to be Angry, this should happen but if you want to be at peace, this should happen too. 

If you want to be unpleasant, this should happen but if you want to pleasant, this should happen too.

If you want to be depressed, this should happen but if you want to be happy, this should happen too.

Why is it that only unwanted things are happening at your choice but most wanted things are not happening?

Is your life happening by choice or by chance?

Happiitude – Happy by Choice

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