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Why Happiness Practitioner workshop?

Why Happiness Practitioner workshop?

If one is capable of creating Anger, Stress and depression, one should also be capable of creating happiness.

Why is it that only unwanted things are happening at your choice but most wanted things are not happening?

If things were really happening the way you want it, you would definitely choose Happiness but it is not happening. Fortunately, after decades of research, science has now discovered the secret elements of happiness.

In 2 days of experiential Happiness workshop, participants get a choice to create their own Happiness. In this workshop, there are 4 main things that happen:

1. Live from the Growth Zone: In paradox of happiness, there are 4 different zones.
·      First zone is Survival Zone. Most of the people live in this particular zone. In this zone, there are few positive experiences or emotions on day-to-day basis and there is no big future vision as well. Many people in this zone have a glorious past and they start living on the glory of their past and stop accepting the now or looking forward to the future. For example, mid age government officer, mediocre student in class, unpopular kid in the neighborhood etc.
·      Second zone is Avoidance Zone, where one experience lot of positive emotions (mostly derived from instant pleasures) on daily basis but there is no future vision. For example, extrovert college students, high earning youngsters with no responsibility, people who are into drugs, alcohol or smoking etc.
·      Third zone is Anxiety Zone, where one has big future plans but hardly any positive emotions and experiences on daily basis. Many people keep juggling between Avoidance and Anxiety. Whenever people in avoidance get lot of responsibilities, they shift to anxiety zone and once it is over, they go back to avoidance zone. For example, someone with big and overwhelming goals etc.
·      Fourth zone is Growth Zone, where one has complete acceptance of the NOW and big future vision as well. So happiness is independent of the goals. 97% of the people hardly experience this zone because they are either in the glory of the past or in the hope of the future. In this process, they miss the now which is the present moment. This is where the real success happens.

 2.    Dealing with “Negative”:

People are hoping to get in to growth zone using positive thinking but this is taking people to the avoidance zone.

Do you really know what is positive and negative? Please pick up positive and negative words from the list below:

1. Anger          &         Bliss
2. Up               &         Down
3. Life              &         Death

If you are authentic enough, you have surely chosen death as negative and life as positive but positive thinkers know that they should think and choose positive (which also means ignore negative), does that mean death will ignore you?

You may choose to ignore negative but does that mean that negative will also ignore you? 

So why positive thinking books, workshops and seminars are training people to look at only the positive side and indirectly training them to ignore the negative? This is becoming major reason of unhappiness in the followers of positive thinking movement. In a recent study, most of the people attending positive thinking seminars or reading positive thinking self help books were found to be extremely unhappy after few weeks of the workshop. Many of them started to avoid so called negative thinking and felt guilty when they could focus their mind on “positive thinking”.

The irony is people don’t even know what is positive and what is negative because they never have the complete picture. Each one of us has an experience in life where something, which looks very positive, turns out to be the most negative experience of life and vice versa.

Happiness Practitioner is the only place where one learns to deal with negatives rather than avoiding it. This develops an ability and courage to deal with every negative situation in life like failures, emotional trash, and negative emotion handling etc using scientific tools. 

  3.    Living Consciously rather than unconsciously: 
Most of the people are living unconscious life. They are constantly struggling to live more unconsciously by forming more habits, training their subconscious minds and by getting involved in excessive eating, drinking and smoking.  Living an unconscious life is the lowest form of human life. Today, modern science has lot of evidence that living with awareness enhance our overall wellbeing and health. This workshop is designed in a way that one effortlessly moves to higher level of awareness using scientific tools and techniques. 

  4.    Discovering One’s Orbit of Life

Our whole life revolves around set of beliefs that were unconsciously set when we were growing up. When we start living with awareness, many of such beliefs become clear to us. Although, it is very difficult to be aware of all of our beliefs and not required as well because there is one major beliefs which drives majority of decisions in our life. Be it our goals, our preferences, the way we dress, the kind of friends we have and most of our liking and disliking are independent on this particular belief. This is called Orbit of Life. Once it is discovered, every disempowering beliefs collapse and we get an opportunity to create a new life.

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