Monday, 9 May 2016

Being independent is a very limited way of living life

Being independent is a very limited way of living life

Being an independent person is a very limited way of living life. It is not about right or wrong. It is about living an empowering or dis empowering life. We are living with other beings, so first of all being independent is just an illusion. The food served on our plate is not done independently. There are 100's or may be 1000' s of beings involved. Even the gases we are breathing are coming from trees. Still we like to live in an illusion that we are independent. This is a very strong identity and we are very proud of that.
No doubt, being independent give us results but we forget to look at the pay offs. So what are the pay offs of being independent? Let us ponder over this.
Sometimes when we can really take help from someone who will be more than happy to help us but being independent comes in our way.
Independent people dont show their emotions and keep struggling by invalidating their emotions. Put up a strong face and after a time, start living an inauthentic life.
So what is the way out of this? This is very simple. Just a realisation that being independent is just an identity which i picked up while growing like many other identities. It is not me but an identity. Suddenly, there is a distance between you and the identity. You become free of time, when being independent empowers you, wear it as identity and when it disempower you, take it off.

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