Monday, 9 May 2016

Time to shake your Beliefs

Time to shake your Beliefs

Once it happened that a man bought a new house. He got the best furniture, curtains, decoration stuff but he was still not fulfilled. 

He thought – “ there is still something that is not right.” He changed the curtains but still it was not perfect. He changed the whole furniture but nothing worked. Slowly, one by one he changed each and every item in the house but nothing worked. Again the process started by changing the curtains and so on. One day, he called his close friend and discussed about his problem. 

His friend started asking him questions when suddenly this man realized that it was the paint on the walls that he did not want. He never realized it was the paint because this painting was done long back. This paint on walls is nothing but the main strong belief we imbibe while growing up. This belief drives most of our decisions in life but the problem is that this belief is an unconscious belief and we are not even aware of this. 

We live an accidental life. We put all our efforts to achieve something but after achieving that, we realize this is not what we wanted. This leads to an unfulfilled life. When we suddenly discover this major belief of our life, everything starts making sense. We get a choice to create or re design happiness in our life. This is what you discover in one of the many activities which we conduct at out Happiness Practitioner 2 days Experiential Workshops

This sudden realisation makes you understand the Belief - that this is what I want or this is what i don't want? By discovering the beliefs behind your behavior, you get a choice to create your own happiness. This is an opportunity for you to come and attend a 2 days Certified Happiness Practitioner program by Happiitude & Berkeley Well Being, California. To book your seat for this experiential workshop, visit

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