Monday, 9 May 2016

What you are wearing today

What you are wearing today?

In olden times when human entered the evolution circle, all came naked. And it was the time when they tried to relate with animals, birds, reptiles and other thousands of species on earth. But as they moved ahead with the power of thinking, slowly they picked the idea on how they are different and unique. Uniqueness to a point where they all made conscious attempts to be different from not only animals but also within the human sphere.

So to maintain the idea of specialness external body wearable’s really worked well; some wore leaves, some used animal skin and bones, some used bird feathers, some used bark of tree, colorful marks on body, exotic crown on head, body piercing and lot many other things were practiced. Even in present day we have formal wear for office, casuals for friends and family, ethnic for cultural occasions and so on. Because once you wear them they somehow support the expected mindset.

Relax! This write up is not meant to question or advice on “What you should wear every day?” because each of us spend good time deciding even for a simple pair of socks. With these texts the attempt is to bring your attention on:
What concept you are wearing in your mind? And is that working for you?

It happened last week, a group of grade 7 students were asked to right there view on Honesty. With no specific consent every child came up with their statements, which were later posted on the student wall. There was a student who wrote “Honesty is an expensive gift; don’t expect it from rich people”. If you notice, he is wearing such an unsound concept at such an innocent age.

My question to you is, if he continues to wear the same concept, what will be the outcome? What will be his approach towards people, doing very good financially? What will be his own financial motives?

Let me bring you back to the intention: What are your own 100’s of concept which you continue to wear everyday unconsciously and are affecting you in your career, health, relationships and other domains of life. And every morning when you get to choose a cloth from wardrobe, will you also replace a stinky thought with a new one more positive for the day? 

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